Supply Chain Optimization


Point’s Supply Chain Services practices include the traditional elements of the Supply Chain. Plan, Buy, Make, Move, Sell. We incorporate key aspects of program management and technology enablement into each of those elements to enable all aspects of cost reduction strategy. Use of Data Strategy to help drive results as well as RPA, AI and machine learning for operational efficiency is often incorporated into an overall enablement strategy.

The sell component is often broken out into Sales and Marketing effectiveness and includes:

  • Marketing Effectiveness
  • Channel Strategy
  • CRM Optimization
  • Point of Sale Integration
  • Pricing & Margin Analysis
  • eBusiness Alignment
  • Product Strategy

Representative PMG supply chain engagements include:

Developing a Global Program Management Office for a newly centralized Capital Procurement organization; developing self-sustaining repeatable processes, implementing them globally across all Client business units, and defining the requirements for global capital project pipeline visibility and management; including work in the following areas:

  • Low Cost Country Supplier Development
  • Capital Influence Mapping
  • Development and Prioritization of Engineering Standardization
  • Capital Planning & Management Process Improvement
  • Mega-Project Management
  • Balance Scorecard
  • Initiatives Mapping
  • Organizational Change Management

Identifying and delivering a comprehensive three year strategic sourcing plan including Comprehensive Market Overview, Complete Supply Chain Breakdown and Location Level Productivity Improvement Projects that resulted in over $32.4M in savings (or an 18.5% cost reduction).

Establishing a strategic sourcing program, conducting a high-level spend analysis, prioritizing commodities, piloting a specific set of commodities, making organizational design changes, identifying and training personnel in strategic sourcing and commodity management and developing key performance metrics.