Logistics, Distribution & Retail


Point Management Group helps retail and wholesale distribution companies re-invent their business models to compete in the global marketplace and ensure that there is a direct link between their business strategy and its operational execution.

Retail distribution continues to be driven by the ever increasing demands of the customer. Sales and marketing strategy, channel integration, speed to market, product availability, and the ability to accurately forecast and plan for demand are becoming even more critical. The successful retail distributors of tomorrow will have to continue to redefine their role in the value chain and in many cases utilize and leverage technology to make their products more readily available, in a low-cost manner and through a more streamlined customer experience. They will also have to automate repetitive back-office transactions relative to purchasing, product availability, pricing/product tracking and shipping in order to remain competitive and be relevant within their value chain.

The wholesale distribution industry has been an integral part of the U.S. and global economy, and although suppliers and manufacturers are always attempting to disintermediate the channel, there is in many cases value created for the upstream buyers. So the channel’s existence continues to remain, although not without competitive threats. Many manufacturers across industries have attempted and in many cases have been successful at going direct with the end-customer, so the makeup of the traditional wholesaler has, and will continue to change. Their roles have in many cases, become more consultative in nature, requiring an understanding the customer’s needs, versus answering basic questions about product knowledge and in communicating the idiosyncrasies of wholesale pricing structures.

A Few Of Our Clients

$1.7B Retailer
$3B Materials Distributor